About us


Dan Holloway and Jon Medlock are UK based entrepreneurs. Jon runs a 3D visualisation company, with the majority of his suppliers based in Ukraine. 

One of the companies he partners with is run by Timofii Shcherbatykh (Tim). Tim oversees a team of over 600 3D artists, with offices in most major cities across Ukraine. 

Jon has developed a fantastic relationship with Tim and the team over the last 6 years. Together, Dan & Jon have spent time visiting them and have always received the warmest of welcomes.

Tim reached out to us to explain the situation on the ground, how desperate it is and how they’re in dire need of financial support. We made it our mission to do all we can to help him.


Like many, Tim’s team have either fled major cities (including Kyiv and Kharkiv) to seek refuge in the western regions / across the border, or are staying to fight.

These are people who have never held a weapon in their lives, but are heroically choosing to lay their lives on the line, with zero experience and the most basic of equipment and supplies, to hold off the Russian military.

These are the people who need help and supplies the most, yet they’re also the ones who are generally not receiving it from the big charities. 

Tim reached out to us with information about the current situation, and to explore how we might be able to help his team, his friends, his family and his fellow Ukrainians. 

Tim has personally already donated $50,000+ through his own business to local residents of the major cities who are desperately defending their homes.

He has also converted his offices into a 3 story logistics warehouse for receiving and distributing vital medical and military supplies to the civilian heroes on the front line. 

And on top of this, he has organised a “green corridor” to transport supplies in from Poland by train and by road into the centre of Kyiv; an area which cannot be reached by the larger charities despite its residents being the ones in the greatest danger. 


This also cannot be done by larger organisations as there is too much red tape involved, which is a huge problem which isn’t discussed in mainstream media. 

It’s all well and good sending piles of cash to the government and larger charities, but since the Ukrainian financial system is no longer functioning properly, it’s extremely hard to get that cash (and the supplies & equipment purchased) to the ones who need it the most and who can make a real difference. 

It’s resourceful CEOs like Tim and his team on the ground who can make the biggest difference. They’re the ones actively defending their cities, and actively funding and arranging for the supplies to get to their friends and family in the danger zones. 

(Left to Right) Jon, our friend Anna, and Tim in -18° Kyiv in 2018. I (Dan) took this photo

 For the short term, it is clear how all of us outside Ukraine can help – by supporting the local civilians in the most danger as best we can. Tim and his team have let us know exactly what they need, and together we can get them vital supplies to help save their lives. 

Ukraine’s inspiring bravery has been nothing short of remarkable, but it’s time for us all to step up and do everything that we can to ensure that the Ukrainian people have loved ones, homes, and a country to go back to once Putin and his disgusting tirade is bought to it’s knees. 

It’s time for us to stand together and respond how we’d want the rest of the world to respond if it was our families and country that were going through what Ukraine is right now.